Netless Catch is reinventing the way we catch seafood. The commercial fishing industry is broken. Which is why we’re going back to basics, partnering with artisanal fishers to spear dive for fish and bringing it to restaurants in the US. Instead of creating new fake seafood or farming fish, we’re calling it Restorative Seafood. Seafood that’s actually fixing the damage done to the oceans.

Unique Flavors

Seafood you can’t get anywhere else, we source unique species. All our delicious options can’t be found anywhere else, and we can supply consistently.

High Quality from the Sea

Like it was caught yesterday, spear diving creates a high quality catch. Net fishing suffocates the fish which causes it to release stress hormones or that “fishy” flavor. Then we blast freeze our fish to lock in the ocean flavor.

Ocean Friendly

Artisanal fishermen use hand tools which is a non-damaging alternative to commercial trawling. This discriminatory fishing approach produces minimal bycatch.

Artisanal Fishers

Millions of people around the world make their living off the ocean. Our fishers typically harvest lobster and conch, but these are seasonal products. By working with Netless Catch, fishers make income year round and diversify their revenue streams.

This traditional approach to fishing as produces the highest quality catch with the least damage to the ecosystem. Our fishers use spear to harvest seafood, this discriminatory approach eliminates bycatch from our supply chain, or the unintended deaths of other marine life.

Let’s Eat