About Us

We are a small team of passionate ocean lovers. What started as a pandemic project has turned into a global frozen supply chain, because we like a challenge. Our team love to travel (it doesn’t hurt we work in the Caribbean), and we love diving on the very coral reefs we’re protecting.


Claire Friona

Co – Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Claire’s previous start up worked with small scale farmers in Sub-Saharan Africa, upcycling food loss into value added ingredients. She’s used her experience to build Netless Catch to work with artisanal fishers and target invasive species. She’s visited 6 different countries and her favorite sea creature is the jellyfish.

Anthony Valiulis 

Co – Founder & Chief Sourcing Officer

Anthony is a leader in the Belize lionfish working group, a young ocean leader with SOA and a certified lionfish hunter and trap builder. He has been to 9 different countries and his favorite sea creature is the Orca.